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Bellamy's Organic Baby Rice (4+ months) 125gm

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Baby Rice From 4+ months

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Rice cereal is a traditional first food for babies from the age of 6 months. Our certified organic rice is finely milled, cooked and dried into small flakes without compromising the naturally occurring nutrients. Preparing Bellamy's Baby Rice for your baby is so easy. You simply mix it with breast milk. You can also use cooled and boiled water or warmed infant formula. It is the first all Australian organic, iron enriched baby rice on the market.

For delicious variety when your baby is older, try our organic Baby Rice with home-cooked and pureed organic apple or pear, naturally ripened and mashed organic banana or freshly stewed organic peaches.

Organic Rice (99.92%), Vitamin C, Mineral (iron). May contain traces of gluten.

At Bellamy’s Organic Farms Tasmania the aim is to make the most natural food for babies so all of our ingredients are:
· Certified organic
· 100% Australian
· Guaranteed no imported ingredients
· Grown without GMOs
· Grown without synthetic fertilisers or chemicals
· Free of artificial preservatives, colour, favours or added salt or sugars
· Made without the use of any artificial processing aids

100% Australia Made

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Baby Rice From 4+ months