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Gaia Baby Skin Soothing Cream

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Use at each nappy change to keep your baby's bottom soft and smooth

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With up to 12 nappy changes a day, isn’t it just natural to seek a cream that is pure and soothing? 
With its handy tube, the perfect shape for one-handed nappy changes, GAIA's Natural Baby Soothing Cream slips easily into your nappy or hand bag, making it your ‘go-to’ nappy change essential from the leading Australian brand of natural baby skincare. 
Containing beeswax, zinc, castor oil and organic extracts including certified organic marshmallow, calendula and chamomile GAIA Natural Baby Soothing Cream can be used on the face, body and nappy area to soothe and protect skin and help reduce the discomfort of rough, flaky skin and irritations. 
Suggested Uses:
- May provide long lasting soothing relief for skin affected by irritations
- Provide a barrier on little bottoms and other areas keeping them soft and smooth
- Soothing dribble rash and little red cheeks exposed to windy conditions
- Pop the tube in the fridge to provide cooling comfort on hot red cheeks during teething
- Soothing noses after excessive nose blowing/wiping
- Elbows and knees requiring extra moisturisation
Handy Hint:Don't rub creams or lotions into areas of the skin that are irritated or cracked - this can cause further irritation by creating friction rather than calming the area. Instead, squeeze a small amount of the soothing lotion onto the back of your hand and using the tips of your fingers, dab the skin soothing lotion and pat over the area you wish to cover.
Please note that GAIA cannot treat or cure your eczema. This information is not meant to replace any medical advice you may have received and if there appears to be any infection or you are concerned, it may be best to see your doctor or natural practitioner.
Made in Australia

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Use at each nappy change to keep your baby's bottom soft and smooth