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Bellamy's Organic Pear & Apple Snacks (12+ months) 20gm

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Fruit Snacks: 12+ months

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Snap Dried Apple & Pear are an ideal low GI finger food for your 12 month plus toddler.

Low GI finger food, containing 100% fruit, Snap dried to lock in all the natural fruit flavours and nutrients. Containing No Preservatives or Sulphur.

Naturally ripened and hand picked from Bellamy's organic orchards and plantations, hand peeled and prepared, cut into bite size slices then snap dried to lock in the fruit's natural flavours and nutrient any time of the year.

The result is a delicious, crunchy treat for your toddler on the go. Packed in a resealable pack just perfect for home, day care, pre-school or just out and about.

Their special drying process method uses no preservatives and no sulphur so your children can enjoy pure organic fruit bursting with healthy vitamins and minerals any time of the year.

Certified by: NASAA (Conversion to Organic)

Ingredients: Biodynamic and in conversion organic apples & pears

100% Australia Made

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