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Bellamy's Organic Pasta Veggie Macaroni 175gm

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Vegie Macaroni 12+ months

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Bellamy’s Organic Vegie Macaroni is made from the finest organic whole grain wheat and organic vegetables. It makes it the ideal third food for toddlers on the go.

The added organic tomato, spinach and beetroot will delight the eyes and satisy the fussiest eater. Great with bolognese sauce.

Bellamy's Organic Vegie Macaroni is highly nutritious and free of synthetic fertilisers, chemicals or GMO's. Bellamy's Organic only use certified organic ingredients because we trust the way they are grown!

Ingredients: Organic Durum Flour (50%), Organic Wheaten Semolina (50%), Water, Tomato, Spinach, Beetroot (Contains Gluten)

100% Australia Made

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Vegie Macaroni 12+ months