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GreenTom Combination Pram - GreenTom Upp

Greentom Upp, the greenest stroller on planet EARTH.

We are so excited to get the Greentom Upp into Little Organics! SALE NOW ON - Save up to $250 with free delivery! 

The unique stroller is the GREENEST on planet Earth, offering sustainability and chic looks!

Greentom is on a mission: designing, developing and producing 100% green products that make the world and the future of our children a greener one. A special one of a kind stroller, Greentom  is based in Masstricht, Netherlands. 

Greentom's design philosophy is less is more”. Designing a green product starts at their drawing table by omitting all superfluous details. The beauty, Greentom products are always 100% green, always made of sustainable materials. 

Greentom Upp is made of high quality, recycled plastic. The frame is made of polypropene and the seat fabric of recycled soft drink bottles. The Greentom Upp is not only sustainable, but also lightweight and highly durable. 

At the end of its lifecycle, the compoments cam be reused or recycled again to create new products! 
Fun Fact! Did you know that 58 recycled PET bottles are used to make the fabric of the Upp Classic?!
Together we can create a greener future for our children. Join our mission. Order your Greentom instore now.

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Picture of Greentom Upp Carrycot White - Mint - Save up to $100 with free delivery!
Greentom Upp is the greenest stroller in the world, beautifully designed with stunning colours. The pram is made from recycled plastic. offering a comfortable mattress with organic cotton. Free delivery Australia Wide.