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Mama Body Tea

 When Ruby was around 4 months old her need for milk outweighed the amount Jess could produce. So, following the same mantra that led Jess to Baby Bliss tea, she turned to Anne again and the two came up with a blend that boosted Jess’ milk supply dramatically.

When Jess became pregnant with her second child Sunny she studied other medicinal herbs and their properties that would assist with all stages of her pregnancy.
With the help of now co-director and best friend Jessica O’Brien and in collaboration with in house Naturopath Anne Cousins, the girls built Mama Body Tea with the aim that all Mamas would have access to these natural organic blends to assist with all stages of their pregnancy journey and beyond.
Jess O’Brien was an natural inclusion in the company as she too was a Mama of two beautiful boys, Archie and Oscar and had shared the same tea blends as Jess with both of her gorgeous boys. Motivated and sharing the belief in their products the pair have built the company into what it is today which provides a natural, healthy alternative to Mamas all over the world.
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Picture of Mama Body Tea - Baby Bliss
Naturally calming and soothing, Baby Bliss Tea is Mama’s best-kept secret for relaxing restless bambinos.
Picture of Mama Body Tea - Chill Out Dad
Created especially for Dads, this delicious blend of calming herbs can help soothe the everyday stresses and tension.
Picture of Mama Body Tea - Chill Out Mama (Relax)
This delicious blend of calming herbs is soothing for the mind and body. So sit back, enjoy & allow your mind & body to enter a state of pure relaxation.
Picture of Mama Body Tea - Digestive Tea (soothing tea)
Ease uninvited digestive discomfort and find relief with mama’s Soothing Tea.

Picture of Mama Body Tea - Energise Dad
This is a special energy tea for Dads, to give you the get up and go that you need to tackle each day.
Picture of Mama Body Tea - Heart Tea Infuser
Mamas ultimate ‘Heart Tea Infuser’ goes hand~in~hand with your herbal tea blends
Picture of Mama Body Tea - Mama Mug NEW
The Mama Mug is an effortless way to brew and enjoy a cup of herbal goodness!
Picture of Mama Body Tea - Mama's Milk
This blend of Organic Mama's Milk Tea by Mama Body Tea has been formulated to help increase and promote the breastmilk supply of nursing mothers.

Picture of Mama Body Tea - Morning Wellness Tea
This Morning Wellness Tea by Mama Body Tea, has soothing certified organic ingredients to help ease the nausea experienced by many women during pregnancy.
Picture of Mama Body Tea - Pregnancy
A warming blend of organic herbs to support and nourish you and your growing bump through your second and third trimester of pregnancy. The herbs have been hand picked as they all offer therapeutic qualities for a Mama to be.

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