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Fruit Bliss

Fruit Bliss is a very different kind of naturally sun-sweetened, organic whole fruit. Our fruit is infused with water, leaving it deliciously juicy and never dry.
Containing no preservatives or added sugar, Fruit Bliss is the ultimate healthy snack.

Bliss is an ultimate state of happiness - exactly how one should feel when eating our deliciously juicy, super tasty whole fruit snacks.  Feeding your body with healthy and nutritious food is one of the keys to a blissful lifestyle. 

Fruit Bliss is very different from typical dried fruits. One thing you will notice is that all of our fruits are a natural dark color. This is what happens as the fruit oxidizes naturally drying in the sun. Most dried apricots are a bright orange color because they have added sulfur dioxide, a chemical color preserver.
Why you don’t want Sulfur Dioxide:
Sulfur Dioxide is often used in dried fruit as a preservative and to preserve its appealing bright color. Even though the FDA considers it safe to consume in small amounts, why would you want to? Sulfur dioxide is a toxic gas and can cause reactions such as breathing problems, skin rashes, upset stomach and an asthma attack in those that have even slight sensitivity.