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The Organic Skin Co

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Picture of The Organic Skin Co 'All About The Gloss' Lip Gloss - Mist
They can’t replace your smile (They wouldn’t want to), but They can enhance it, thanks to these luscious, all-natural lip glosses. Filled with replenishing oils to help keep your lips in great condition, they come in a range of shades that will take your smile from bright to seductive, depending on your mood!
Picture of The Organic Skin Co Clean Slate Holy Basil Cleanser 80ml
Sometimes, we all want a clean slate, so that we can start afresh. Whilst we can’t promise this for you personally, we can deliver it for your skin! A great way to remove makeup and grime, this light, natural facewash is a wonderful tonic for the skin.
Picture of The Organic Skin Co Daily Rituals Rosehip and Orange Moisturizer 50ml
There’s a word for those moments in our lives when everything is as it should be – harmony. And there’s a phrase for that moment when we realize our skin is in perfect balance – “OMG!” This rejuvenating bioactive moisturizer has been designed to take us to OMG, providing optimal moisture balance all day, every day.
Picture of The Organic Skin Co Hydration Agent Amaranth and Vanilla Moisturizer 50ml
There’s something about spring rain, a combination of sun and moisture that promises renewal. Our Vanilla and Amaranth Moisturizer offers a similar kind of replenishment. Intensely hydrating, it’s a luxurious bioactive cream that helps rejuvenate the skin, no matter whether it’s dry, damaged, or just plain dehydrated.

Picture of The Organic Skin Co Task Force Nine Calendula and Turmeric Cream 50ml
‘Help wanted. Must be able to care for a variety of skin issues as and when required.’ If that’s the job description, then our Calendula and Turmeric Cream is ideally suited! Infused with 9 active ingredients, this multi-tasking cream has moisturizing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties that your skin will love, especially when it needs a little TLC.
Picture of The Organic Skin Co The Good Oil Honeysuckle and Turmeric Face Oil 30ml
Short of treating it to a high-end spa, this oil is the best way we know to pamper your skin! A lux combination of supercritical extracts and pure organic oils, it helps soften and refresh, rejuvenate and repair. So, give it a go. Massage a few drops into your face. Sit back. Wait for your skin to send you a love letter.
Picture of The Organic Skincare Co Nitty Gritty Almond Seed Exfoliant 50ml
Rub-a-dub-dub, my skin is in love! For those looking for smooth, healthy skin (and who isn’t?), this rejuvenating natural exfoliant is the perfect place to start. Helping to gently slough off dead skin cells and remove excess oils and dirt particles, it will take your skin from nitty gritty to oh so pretty!
Picture of The Organic Skin Co Fresh Canvas Liquid Foundation 40ml
Complete with organic pomegranate & seabuckthorn supercritical extracts, the Organic Skin Co foundation moisturises and nourishes, leaving your skin make up ready and ready to take on the world.

Picture of The Organic Skin Co Primers - Primp N Prime 50ml
To achieve a great result, you need to prepare well. And that’s exactly what this primer helps you do. Lightweight, rich in antioxidants, restorative oils and revitalizing supercritical extracts, it will not only help your makeup go on smooth and stay that way, it will care for your skin too. Primp. Prime. It’s time to shine!
Picture of The Organic Skin Co Cream Concealer - Hide & Seek 15g
This is a CWB. A ‘Concealer With Benefits’. Because even as it goes about its concealer business, helping to minimize the appearance of pores and irritations, it also gives your skin a helping hand – hydrating, moisturizing, conditioning – so that your skin can look its very best. So good, in fact, that the concealer may very well do itself out of a job!

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