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Make Me Iconic

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Picture of Make Me Iconic Australian Post Box
In a digital age the iconic red post box is becoming ever more rare. But the big red box still sits down the end of the street, waiting for your postcards, love letters and, yes even your bills. For a generation that may see the end of the post as we know it, we have lovingly designed this bit of history for them to enjoy. Don’t forget the stamp.
Picture of Make Me Iconic Australian Vehicles
You know you are a Aussie Kid when you eat Weet-Bix for breakfast (and know the theme song by heart) or if you know what it means to say "it's going straight to the pool room". To be an Aussie Kid you have to have the real Aussie stuff and not the stuff we are forced to have because we don't have an iconic substitute available. So we felt every Aussie Kid should also have a set of rare Aussie wood vehicles in their home to just simply play with. We usually get stuck with the London Bus or New York Taxi versions of toy cars So dream of being an Aussie Fire Fighter, or a Aussie Police Officer, or the local happy-go-lucky Posty. Any profession that involves wheels and the need to get somewhere quick to save the day will do. Or enjoy the simple daydreams about rolling down to the beach in an Aussie Ute to check the waves over bright lights and sirens. Whatever they’re into, your little ones have hours of fun ahead of them with our iconic Aussie vehicle set.
Picture of Make Me Iconic May Gibbs Giant Puzzle
We love all things Australian and May Gibbs stories takes us back to the days of our own childhood. Forever a classic and a national treasure in our minds. Enjoy this giant size puzzle and use some of the wooden pieces in your very own story telling at bedtime.
Picture of Make Me Iconic Melbourne Tram Toy
Remember the days when toys were just made of old fashioned wood and did not have flashing lights or make loud noises? Or how much easier it was not having to constantly ask your mum or dad to keep changing the batteries in your toys? This iconic wooden tram needs no batteries, has no flashing lights, no loud noises and no plastic. However it does provide endless opportunity to use real old fashioned imagination.

Picture of Make Me Iconic Mini Melbourne Tram
Make Me Iconic Wooden mini tram is based on the much loved W-class Melbourne tram - but just a mini version so brilliant for little hands and putting into pockets for playing with later.
Picture of Make Me Iconic Wooden Rainbow Puzzle
"A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky", well that's what Wikepedia says anyway. For us its bright happy colors that simply put a smile on our face whenever we see one. We love to see rainbows and why not see a giant one in your home every day. That's gotta make you happy when it's raining outside!