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Thwy love Rosehips! A plant that offers so many natural benefits for your skin.
Want to know more about who they are? Below they share the RosehipPLUS® story.
You wouldn’t find many companies in Australia that know as much as they do about rosehips.
They often get asked – what are rosehips? Are they from the rose that grows in your garden?
Australians aren’t really familiar with rosehips. If you grew up in Europe or South America you would have seen them growing wild. Some people remember  being served rosehip tea by grandparents and making rosehip jam. For centuries rosehips were known as one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin C, packed full of other vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants offering great benefits for general health and wellbeing.
So why focus on rosehip oil and in Australia? 
They journeyed around the globe looking for the best Rosehip oil which led them to the interior of the Andes Mountains in Chile, South America. Here we discovered the best organic rosehips being wild harvested across the mountain tops.
What resulted was the launch of RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil in September 2012. Thwy began by offering Australians 30ml and 50ml bottles of pure Rosehip Oil at a fraction of the cost of others on the market. Their oil is cold pressed with nothing added – seed to bottle.
Not long after, They launched a global first – the only roll-on available in Australia, which contains 15ml of our Rosehip Oil in a handy size perfect for travel and easy application. It was a hit.
They were really excited at the response They got from customers and so the brand evolved. In 2014 they launched their Day and Night Cream which both contain precious Rosehip Oil and in 2015 Daily Cream Cleanser.
All Rosehip Plus products are made with love and care.
They are proud to be a Certified Organic Skin care range and the only beauty brand whose products all contain Rosehip Oil. They are a family business based in Sydney. The products are made in Australia using the best Rosehip Oil in the world and they offer them at a price which is affordable to all Australians.
Rosehip Oil is a beauty buzz-word.
They can claim to be one of the first to offer this beauty essential to all Australians and now to the world. New beauty ingredients come and go and many brands change with the trends but They remain committed to Rosehip Oil.
The beauty trend that is here to stay is the demand for beauty products that don’t contain toxins, chemicals, preservatives and nasties – which may affect your health. As Rosehip Plus become more and more aware of how toxic ingredients can effect a persons health, the demand for products like Theirs are on the rise.
We are proud to offer a Rosehip Oil skin care range that won’t affect your health and that you will love.
RosehipPLUS® has so much to offer your skin
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RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil is a 100% pure and natural Certified Organic Rosehip oil, cold pressed from the highest quality seeds of the Rosehip berry (Rosa Canina) which are sourced in the southern regions of Chile.