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A Lake Mills, Wisconsin natural food company, Oskri manufactures a wide range of products, including dried fruit, snack bars, preserves, and granolas. Oskri’s products are gluten-free and do not include any refined sugar. The company uses alternative sweeteners and binders that take the place of refined sugar. In addition, the Oskri team is committed to reducing the use of artificial additives and ingredients, as well as chemical preservatives.

All Oskri snack bars contain between 100 and 150 calories.

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Picture of Oskri Organic Fig Dark Chocolate Fruit Bar -  Gluten Free 45g
Enjoy guilt free satisfaction for your sweet tooth with this indulgent, organic dark chocolate and fig fruit bar.
Picture of Oskri Organic Sesame Snaps -  Vegan & Gluten Free 53g
Enjoy the crunch of these nutrient-rich sesame snaps.