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FREE AT LAST! THE WORLD’S FIRST TAPIOCA FIBRE SWEETENED LOLLIPOPS Koochikoo is probably one of the first things Grandma said when trying to make you smile. Grandma Sal is on a mission to get us to smile again.

The founder, Grandma Sal, has been an organic foodie for over three decades. Yep…one of those used-to-be-a-hippie but had to get a real job sorts, she’s been a cheerleader for the organic food movement as an international sales rep for some leading organic brands. With the global epidemics of obesity and diabetes, there was a persistent theme from her customers around the world asking for sugar free products. Well, years passed and with no apparent healthy evolution in sugar free candy, her calling was clear and she had to do something about the dismal state of sugar free. Grandma Sal set about inventing organic sugar free candy and she did it.

Koochikoo? In the USA, it’s likely one of the first things Grandma says when trying to make you smile! She still wants us to smile, this time by tickling our taste buds with amazing no sugar added lollipops. The word Koochikoo is said to have originated from a Native American dialect meaning “tickle”. It’s also a great fit for their mission to promote smiles around the world with a portion of profits being donated to

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Picture of Koochikoo Organic No Sugar Lollipops 4 Flavors 62g
Sweetened with organic tapioca fiber, these delicious and nutritious organic lollipops deliver a sweet & sour taste certain to Tickle Your Tastebuds and make you smile.