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The Cos Korea, a korean cosmetics company, persues to give healthier skin for family members in diversed age group. 
Atomonde is a brand for babies with sensitive skin, by The Cos Korea. 
Atomonde Derma Cream hydrates irritated skin and alleviates the itching. Natural moisturizing ingredients enhances skin elasticity, strengthens the skin barrier by nourshing the skin. 
  • Passed FDA Acute Oral Toxicity test
  • Negative on dermal patch test
  • EWG green grade ingredients
  • Contains ECOCERT verificated materials and amino-acid complex with patent
  • For atopic dermatitics skins
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Picture of  Atomonde Derma Bath and Shampoo
The Cleanser is the very first step for skincare for the whole family.
Picture of Atomonde Derma Cream
The best moisturizer, non-greasy and easily absorbed, natural cream.
Picture of Atomonde Derma Lotion
Natural moisture factors and the unique formula corrects skin imperfections trouble.
Picture of Atomonde Derma Soothing Gel
Cos Korea brings to us Atomonde Derma Soothing Gel. Powerful and the unique formula corrects skin imperfections trouble such as itchy, atopy, diaper rash, congenital fever and various skin trouble.

Picture of Atomonde Derma Sudo Balm
The best natural healing balm for baby eczema, cradle cap(infant seborrheic dermatitis), chapped nose, hives, rashes and more.