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Baby Bistro

Baby Bistro™ are committed to providing quality food, so you can enjoy more quality time.  Being a parent means more than cooking, cleaning and school runs. It’s about quality; quality experiences, quality connections and quality time. As a busy parent, you can sometimes find yourself without the time or energy to make quality meals for your baby or toddler – Let alone a fussy one! Cue: Baby Bistro is here to help.
Since 2012, Baby Bistro has been delivering home-style, 100% organic baby food to families around Melbourne. Made using only premium ingredients, with no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives, Baby Bistro offers a healthy alternative to processed baby food. Created by a mother’s love for her own children, founder Sevi Stolica established the business when her eldest son, Lucas, suddenly became a fussy eater. Sevi’s desire to source better alternatives to processed baby foods already in the market led to the conception of Baby Bistro. The result is a range of organic baby and toddler foods that balance health and taste, and are easy to store and serve. Feedback has been overwhelming from parents all over Victoria, with fans including TV presenter Rebecca Judd, mummy blogger Sophie Shaw (The Young Mummy), international super-star Megan Gale and radio personality Chrissie Swan… just to name a few.
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Picture of Baby Bistro Carrot & Pumpkin Puree 8 x 45g (360g NET) – Suitable for 4-8 months+
There’s a lot more to the humble pumpkin’s rough exterior than meets the eye. Just below the surface hidden amongst the soft orange flesh you’ll find a whole lot of vitamins A, C and E and all the essential B complex vitamins (folates, niacin, pyridoxine, thiamin and pantothenic acid) that healthy babies need.
Picture of Baby Bistro Pear & Apple Puree 8 x 45g (360g NET) – Suitable for 4-8 months+
Super fruit full of vitamins A, B1 and C. Rich in essential minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, bioflavonoid, quercetin and pectin that growing bodies need to remain healthy. We just know your baby will love Baby Bistro’s organic Apple Baby Sweets!
Picture of Baby Bistro Sweet Potato & Zucchini Puree 8 x 45g (360 NET) – Suitable for 4-8 months+
Every spoonful of these tasty organic Zucchini Baby Starters (or courgette if you’re British) is full of vitamins A, B6 and C and essential nutrients like dietary fibre for a healthy tummy and calcium, iron, zinc and potassium which helps little hearts stay strong and healthy.
Picture of Baby Bistro Chicken Risoni Twin Pack 200g x 2 – Suitable for 12 months – 5 years+
Little taste buds love carrots and so do growing bodies. They’re fantastic veggies that are rich in fibre for healthy tummies and they’re packed full of pro-vitamin A (Beta Carotene) and vitamins C, D, E, K, B1 and B6, which keep your baby’s immune system healthy – that’s why they’re known as a healing food.

Picture of Baby Bistro Macaroni & Cheese 200g – Suitable for 12 months – 5 years+
It’s the steamed and blended organic spinach that really sets this meal apart. No other vegetable has more vitamin K than spinach, and vitamin K is a bone growth superfood. Spinach is also very high in vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, B2… the list goes on.
Picture of Baby Bistro Spaghetti Bolognese Twin Pack 200g x 2 – Suitable for 12 months – 5 years+
It tastes amazing too! Tomatoes, celery and zucchini are full of the vitamins and antioxidants that satisfy and settle little tummies and help your baby’s heart, lungs and bones stay nice and healthy, and mushrooms and carrots are an immune system’s best friend.
Picture of Baby Bistro Beef Risoni Twin Pack 200g x 2 – Suitable for 6-18 months+
This delicious meal is infused with a tasty red sauce mixed with just the right amount of fibre rich wheat pasta risoni. Unlike white pasta, whole wheat pasta is full of essential minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc, so you know you’re feeding your baby a healthy and satisfying meal.
Picture of Baby Bistro Chicken & Chia 200 x 2 Grams Suitable for 8 Months to 18 Months+
Sweet corn is rich in dietary fibre, folate, potassium and niacin to help your baby’s digestive system convert this delicious meal into energy. When combined with Chia, which is perhaps the most super of all superfoods with countless growth and healing benefits for developing bodies, you’ve got a winning combination.

Picture of Baby Bistro Osso Bucco Beef Casserole Twin Pack 200g x 2 – Suitable for 12 months – 5 years+
The Osso Bucco Beef provides all the energy little ones need to grow strong, healthy muscles, and nourishing, vitamin and carbohydrate rich potato and sweet potato fill up little tummies and fuel growing brains, central nervous systems and kidneys.
Picture of Baby Bistro Veggie Lentils Twin Pack 200g x 2 – Suitable for 6-18 months+
Red lentils are delicious nutrient rich legumes that provide a fabulous alternative to meat. Just like meat, lentils are a very good source of iron and protein, but unlike meat, they’re very low in fat and cholesterol.

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