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Wotnot Naturals is proud to be inspiring a revolution with its skin and baby care products, created with Mother Nature’s most nourishing ingredients.

It’s 100% wot’s good 
and 0% wot’s not!
Core Values
Leading the way with light in everything they do
Treat their customers, employees and suppliers like royalty
Wotnot passion is hearing and answering their customers’ needs
Wotnot march to the beat of their own drum
Environmentally Conscious
Making responsible choices with care for our precious planet
Your vibe attracts your tribe. Wotnot love connecting with all you like-minded people!
Wotnot Story
Who would have thought that one natural nappy would be the start of something so wonderful? Sometimes it really is just the first step that inspires a thousand more.
When founders and mothers, Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard, launched the first environmentally friendly nappy in Australia, Moltex Oko, it fast gathered a cult following of health conscious hipsters, environmentalists and yummy mummies alike. The customers loved the quality and eco credentials of the Moltex nappy and were quick to ask for complementary all-natural products of an equally high standard. The enthusiasm for the nappy was so great that Sinead and Sioned knew they had to answer the pleas of their tribe and create more products with the same integrity. Wotnot Naturals was born to do just that and is still growing the same mission today.
Social & Environmental Programs
Green is the new black
At Wotnot they know it’s cool to be kind to our planet and Wotnot take this job very seriously. From being conscious of the waste generated in a standard office on a daily basis (always reuse first!), to creative up-cycling (our empty tape rolls end up in childcare centres and local playgroups to be used for craft), Wotnot aim to minimise environmental impact. If it can’t be re-used, Wotnot recycle and likewise Wotnot source recycled materials for their own use (Wotnot pallets are made from recycled woodchip and all their printed matter is done on recycled paper and card).
The changes Wotnot make today can create a positive impact now and for future generations. Wotnot believes in actively creating a legacy of love and respect for our planet.
For the love of children
Wotnot is passionate about the wellbeing of our children and has teamed up with Bear Cottage, a fantastic organisation and initiative of the children's hospital at Westmead, to help support children with terminal illnesses and their families.
Wotnot donates a percentage of all sales to Bear Cottage to support its important function as a children's hospice in NSW. It is a home-like environment where children with terminal illnesses and their families can stay from time to time, rest and receive medical care. In addition to providing respite and end of life care, Bear Cottage runs a number of other programs aimed to support the entire family. Wotnot is proud to play an important role in helping fund Bear Cottage.
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Picture of Wotnot 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen 100g
Wotnot 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen 100g use the finest and most gentle natural extracts.
Picture of Wotnot Baby Balm 100ml
Wotnot Baby Balm 100ml is highly effective, pure and gentle natural balm for your baby's skin.
Picture of Wotnot Baby Lotion 150ml
Wotnot Baby Lotion 150ml uses the finest and most gentle organic and natural extracts
Picture of Wotnot Baby Wash 250ml
Wotnot Baby Wash 250ml uses the finest and most gentle natural extracts.

Picture of Wotnot Baby Wipes x 80
Wotnot Baby Wipes x 80 award-winning chemical free baby wipes are 100% biodegradable and compostable.
Picture of Wotnot Biodegradable Natural Baby Wipes with Travel Case 20pk
Wotnot Biodegradable Natural Baby Wipes with Travel Case 20pk are enriched with natural vitamin e and Australian certified organic aloe vera to moisturise, heal and protect.
Picture of WotNot SPF 30 Anti-Ageing Facial Sunscreen (75g)
Multi-use all natural SPF 30 facial sunscreen and primer in one, it uses the finest and most gentle natural extracts to protect, prime and brighten the skin.