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Books are always important but sometimes as we get older, we forget to make time to read them. I know I sure do. Here's a few books though that we love and find useful.

They make a perfect gift for a Baby shower or for that special friend. 

Watch this space as we add more to the available books we think be great to nurture and nourish our children!


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Picture of Halo Baby Preparing Your Home and Life for Baby (Book)
All the products to buy when you have a baby can be overwhelming. This handy guide perfectly sets up new mums to set up a nursery and choosing what they need and DON't need to buy for baby. Give it to a new mum, they will thank you for it.
Picture of What I wished I Knew about Love
What I Wish I Knew about Love by comedian Marty Wilson is a book your husband might actually read... Full of a collection of advice from real people
Picture of What I wished I Knew about Motherhood
What I Wish I Knew about Motherhood is a celebration of those wonderful days when you feel like you’re ‘born to be a mum’ and a tender companion for the ‘other days’ when you just want to curl up in the corner.