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2 Minute Rule - Setting Goals for Little Ones

2 Minute Rule - Setting Goals for Little Ones


Why are goals important for children?

Goals are not meant to be there for determining success or bragging rights, especially in children. Rather they are there for self growth and achievement. The satisfaction of achieving goals is rewarding for ourselves and that feel good emotion you get when something is achieved is release via one of the four happy hormones called Dopamine.
The same feel good emotions can be taught for our children in the small goals we can help set up for them from a young age. Corona might have taken away lots of things and we have all probably been so busy just juggling and holding the forte together that we might have forgotten the point of having goals this year.
Helping our children learn to achieve goals might be the best gift we can give them growing up and when better to do this consciously than in the middle of a pandemic when your children are constantly around you 24/7.
So how do we go about setting goals for little toddlers? Before you get too excited and write a whole page list of goals, it's important to just focus on two or three to start. Some examples of simple goals are 
  • counting 1-20
  • toilet training
  • doing 10 star jumps every day
At the beginning of the journey, it’s easy to get excited and motivated. The challenge here is to keep at it and so it doesn't become a chore, a shouting marathon or tears of frustration. Doing this will eventually mean putting it off while time marches on and goals go flying into the too hard bucket.

You want to get into a habit of attaining goals as a way of life. This means to teach your children you need to work on it every day. Even when you don’t feel like it.
The worst thing as parents is when we push themselves to the limit and make them throw in the towel altogether. The most important thing to teach them is that you must practise for at least two minutes.
Trying to achieve a goal for two-minutes every day can take all kinds of forms.
If it's counting, it could be the last thing you do as you snuggle in bed before lights go off. Remind them in the morning of the achievement if they hit their goal. Reiterating the achievement and celebrating the goal is good for them to recognise the work they put in has resulted in success.
If it's toilet training, instead of getting worked up every single time, just concentrate on one. If you know they always need to go when they wake up, before a bath or last thing before a nap, set up your 2 minute goal for the day then.
For a goal like 10 starjumps a day, helping to activate their interest in exercising and wellbeing, do it first thing in the morning. Do more if you like, nothing stops you working at the 2 minute goal for just 2 minutes!
You can teach your children to apply a ‘two minutes’ version of any habit. The important thing is they make it a habit and you help fit it into their daily lifestyle.

Rewarding those goals don't need to be elaborate either! Kids are happy with a big squeal, words of praise and just a simple big hi 5! Reinforce their sense of achievement and goals by simply being conscious and applying a simpler mentality. Don't try to push it when it gets too hard. Chances are just sticking to 2 minutes a day will make it more approachable and manageable. There is always another 2 minute tomorrow!
So what goals are you going to kick off for your little ones today and for yourself? After all, that''ll be only 4 x 2 minute goals in a whole day!
We don't wish you lots of success but lots of fun and enjoyment teaching the process of practising the 2 minute rule into your life. And if you hit those goals earlier, bonus. 
Sending much love from Melbourne Lockdown.