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Little Organics Breastfeeding Hamper | Gift Hamper for New Mums

Little Organics Breastfeeding Hamper - Give yourself or a friend a precious gift!


We call this our breastfeeding delight! A hamper full of things to support us during those strange first days and weeks of totally not knowing what’s going on with your body and how to get baby to latch properly!

I remember the first two weeks with the first was so difficult, it’s amazing that I’ve forgotten all about it after breastfeeding both kids for so long. Luckily a lot of different nurses came out to see me and I found that lying in bed was most comfortable until I gradually was in tune with everything and became more confident. I blame it on the breastfeeding as it’s suppose to be the same as running a marathon 🤷‍♀️ but I was always hungry.

With my second, it was great to have these new mama inspired business brand come up with lactation cookies and tea. Especially when you are short for time.

A heat pack is a traditional thing for me. My mum insisted I had to lay in bed, keep warm and have one on my tummy all the time and because I was always hot, the liquid flowed easily.

The Breastpads are great, reusable but I must admit I couldn’t use them the first few weeks as I was changing towels almost non stop! Maybe the heat worked well after all! We also had to pack our bamboo Nursing singlet. Comfy and soft as for you to wear day in day out.

Last and not least is the @badgerbalm Nursing balm for first few weeks of trial and error! Don’t despair, always ask for help. I hope these things are useful to you too but of course fed is best. There is pressure everywhere so do what you feel is right for you. You got this mama bear 😘