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Top 3 reasons why we would choose Holle formula over another formula in the market.

Becoming a mum is such an exciting and at time overwhelming experience. There are so many things a new mum needs to get her head around including feeding. Whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, both methods require a little practice and trial and error.

There are many reasons a new mother may formula feed and luckily there are organic and natural options available in the market offering your baby the best possible start in life.

Choosing formula can be a daunting and overwhelming experience especially for a first time mum. There’s such a plethora of choice out there… At Little Organics, we have been stocking Holle since day 1 but it's the parents who come in looking for it who has actually taught me about how great this brand is.

When we first started receiving Holle Baby formulas from USA, it made me wonder why parents would purchase it all the way from us here in Australia and pay expensive shipping to get it delivered. Turns out, we are so lucky that it's so easily accesible to us and that it is such a superior formula that meets really stringent European standards. 

 These are our top 3 reasons why we would choose Holle formula over another formula in the market.

1. Holle is not genetically modified and 100% natural. There are no chemicals, artificial colours or flavours or preservatives.

Sure, many things are hailed as organic these days but EU regulations are the strictist to the highest possible standards. This means ingredients such as corn syrup, glucose, fructose, rice syrup, table sugar (Sucrose) or carrageenan are not allowed to be used in their formula. Breastmilk is generally sweet and the Europeans have found that using lactose or maltodextrin are more viable alternatives for our young babies. These complex carbohydates has starch like properties and yet doesn't taste sweet. Because of the shorter chain length, it is easier for babies to digest and releases energy slower than sugar. Many mums find babies are more settled, regurgitate less and happier on the Holle formula for this reason. 

2. Holle formula is produced on Demeter Farming.

What is Demeter Farming? Demeter farms follow EU regulations and international rules to the letter, which is actually even better than normal organic farming. Demeter's 'biodynamic' certification requires biodiversity and ecosystem preservation, soil husbandry, livestock integration, prohibition of GMO and viewing the farm as a living holistic organism. Interpretation? Happy cows living on luscious farms makes for better quality milk and healthier children.


3. Holle is one of the few brands that offers an Organic Goat Milk option.

Goat milk is taunted to be the closest to breastmilk so is more easily digested by growing babies. This helps with less digestive problems, colic and wind and is well tolerated. It is important to note that some babies who cannot tolerate cow's milk thrive on goat's milk but there are the exceptions as the milk still contains lactose. It just contains less than cow's milk. The main benefit of using oat's milk for cow's allergy is the makeup of the goat's milk proteins and fats. This helps settle better in baby tummie's as the proteins in goat milk form smaller curds as the stomach acid binds to the protein and begins to digest.

We are thankful we can help parents out with this great brand and always have stock on hand of the cows baby formula and goat baby formula from Holle. Find our range and bulk buy prices here.