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As parents, we are proud to launch a site that can benefit other parents like us. Our children are so precious and we always try to provide them the best where we possibly can. We love the products we stock and most of the range we started with were based on the food in our son's cupboard!

Coming back from maternity leave with my first child, I struggled so much to find the time to go from one organic health shop to another as each only carries a few particular items. It was then when I told my hubby, wouldn't it be great if you could build me a website because I'm sure there be other mums who would be just like me and we went forward doing just that. Since starting this journey and the addition of another little bundle, I have grown and learnt so much to protect my two little ones. At Little Organics, I've found things that I've sourced for my little ones that aren't full of chemicals and dangerous toxins and have loved sharing all the things we love with other devoted parents and carers too.

We have formed close relationships with many leading manufacturers of organic food and natural products for babies, kids, pregnancy and even in our home. With everything being certified organic on our range of baby food, baby formula and toddler snacks, our range is increasing all the time, giving all mums greater choice and the chance to experiment with different brands and products. 

Our mission is to help make it easier for you to nurture and nourish your little ones naturally by bringing all our favourites, tried and tested products in one convienient place!

Why Organic?

Now more than ever, with increase allergies and health awareness, there are so many products on the market offering healthy alternatives for everyone. Most recently, we’ve seen an increase in organic awareness. But why the organic phenomenon you ask? Organic food and produces don’t have nasties such as synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (GMO). Produces are grown and processed without the use of any of these and all use environmentally sustainable practices. This in turns translates into more nutritious food, clothes and products free from toxins! Organic food and products helps create a better world for your baby to grow up in, it tastes better and ensures that no harmful pesticides or chemicals are harming your babies delicate stomach or skin.

We hope you like our little store. Our beautiful retail store at 14B Gilbert Road Preston is now close and we thank you for your support as we turn our store into an online only operation. We love the opportunity to meet you and your little ones again some time in the future. Let us know if there’s a favourite product you like that’s not already on our list, we'll happily source it for you.

Please feel free to DM us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions anytime. We have children too so understand how hectic it can be and the strange hours that we are awake as parents!

Sending you love and kindness,

Doan and the Little Organics Mummy Team


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