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Bump Babes

Here at Bump Babes, they believe mothers are the first superheroes. Their goal is to equip pregnant women with safe and nutritious snacks & beauty products so they can be the best heroes they can be. 

All natural. Ethically sourced. No added preservatives.
At the same time, they want to help you to help those in need: to reduce the rate of infant mortality and rising rates of chronic illnesses that begin from infancy. Bump Babes donates a portion of our profits from every product sold to our charity partners Save The Children and Unicef to create a better world for mothers and children in disadvantaged locales, whether it’s across the pond or in our backyard.
The future of mankind depends on nutritional foundations established in the womb. Their aim is to give pregnant women the right tools—nutrition, beauty, and education—so they can build a better world. That begins with sound nutrition during pregnancy.
Pregnancy bars are the first release of our growing line of products. Let us grow with you as you begin your journey as a mother.
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Picture of Bump Babes T1 Bar – Strawberry & Gingernut
T1 is a first trimester supplement bar, chock full of strawberries (folate) & almonds helping to prevent birth defects and fatigue, as well as a little ginger to help overcome that morning sickness!
Picture of Bump Babes T2 Bar – Apricot & Coconut
T2 is an apricot and coconut second trimester supplement bar. Iron and protein rich, to boost mama and babes cellular and tissue development, immune system and to prevent anemia.
Picture of Bump Babes T3 Bar – Banana, Macadamia & Caramel
T3 is a third trimest trifecta of banana, macadamia and caramel third trimester supplement bar. A yummy source of potassium, protein, calcium and antioxidants to promote strong bones and health