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Wrap it Green

Have you been searching for a practical alternative to plastic food wrap?
Forget toxic plastic wrap touching your precious food. Now there is a safe, natural, reusable alternative!!
Wrap it Green are made of a unique combination of:
- Hemp & Organic Cotton Blend (unbleached)
- Certified Organic Beeswax
- Natural Tree Resin (straight from the source)
- Pure Jojoba Oil

Our Products
We are an enterprise focused on providing the Green everyday essential items everyone needs to live for the health and well-being of our future, at affordable prices.
We have a range of the Greenest everyday products to replace plastic items currently populating the market place.
Helping to save the Earth, One lunch box at a time!  The Sustain-a-Stacker promotes healthy eating. You can now take your delicious home prepared foods with you
every day. * Food Grade Stainless Steel * Unbreakable  * Non Toxic *100% Safe  * Reusable Dishwasher safe  * Zero waste  * Non Leaching  * Plastic Free  * Hygienic  * Durable
The Sustain-a-Stacker is a convenient, compact and Reusable Three Compartment Food Grade Stainless Steel Lunchbox
The Sustain-a-stacker includes 2 stackable levels and bonus oblong container, which can be snuggly stored inside the second layer or used on its own.
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Picture of Wrap It Green Reusable Set of 3

Our price:  $26.95
Cover your leftovers, fruits & vegetables, cheese, sandwiches, muffins & cakes. Uses are endless.