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Picture of Holle Organic Baby Tea (no Caffeine - great for teething and colic)
A herbal infusion to enjoy from an early age.  The carefully chosen herbs have a settling and relaxing effect and the tea is tasty and pleasant. 
Picture of Only Organics Apple Custard (4+ months)
A nourishing blend of organic rice and organic whole milk, with only organic apple puree adding a little natural sweetness. Only Organic babies will love this calcium boost served warm or cold, +4 months
Picture of Organix Apple & Cherry / Apple & Banana Puree 4x100g (4+ months)
Organix Apple & Cherry / Apple & banana Puree 4x100g (4+ months), are smooth pureed orangic apple blended with cherry or banana puree.
Picture of Organix Apple and Raspberry with Pieces 4x95g (7+ months)
Fruits are a natural source of vitamins which help support your baby's development. 7+ months Step 2