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Our goodies are arriving!

So excited as we see our stock arrives in little packages through the courier and mail.

There is something special about receiving things in the mail when it is something interesting that you are looking forward to or requested. I remember as a kid loving getting my own mail and now as an adult, mail is such a chore. Sifting through bills and this and that is not as exciting as I had anticipated as a little one.

Unpacking and seeing all the yummy organic snacks and natural skincare that my son had grown to love and knowing that I don't have to travel anywhere to get it now gave me a cool fuzzy feeling. It was fun shopping now that I had an excuse to shop for both him and the shop, I can put my mummy shopping eyes to even greater use. Or greater destruction. Depending on how you see it. Hehe.

Well, I hope you love the range we are bringing it, as I said, these are our favourites and hope they are yours too. The main thing is that parent's everywhere will have access to varieties of nutritious alternatives in a simple convienient way. So no matter how busy you are, you can get the kids a great start to life still.