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Dairy free egg free pls! - Thursday, August 18, 2011

My lil boy is allergic to dairy and egg.

I found out the hard way, when I gave him his first teaspoon of full cream milk with his cereal at 8 months. From cheerfully opening his mouth to shaking his head furiously, scratching and then his eyes started swelling up and he broke into hives. I whipped him into the car and rushed him to the private hospital across the block just to find there were no docs available for consultation so I went across to the GP instead. They thought he was fine even though he looked nothing like fine to me! I've had allergies before and was terrified that his throat was swelling up and his breathing might be affected. But the doctor calmly strolled along, saw another patient and then came to consult with me. After telling me yes he seems to have an allergy and come back if he looks worse in a few hours, he sent me away. I got in my car and took him to the Royal Children's hospital instead.

I don't care if he told me that my baby was okay, I felt so anxious and if it meant getting a second opinion was being silly, so be it. I sat at the Royal Children for another 3 hours but I felt better, just being there and close by to medical help. I know the GP was probably right but I was worried. My baby actually did get better while we were there, he wasn't so limp as when I saw him at home. I got some Aerius for his hives and the doctor referred me to see a specialist there in the next few weeks for allergy tests. It's tough being a mum, you worry so much!

So over the following months, I was super super careful with his food and yes, labels were scrutinise carefully. These are my son's top faves, for any mums also needing dairy and egg free alternatives for their baby and looking at what we have in store.

1. Organix Goodies Alphabet Cookies
2. Organix Apple Rice Cakes
3. Bellamy's Fruit Pinkies
4. Soy Yoghurt (No, we don't stock these :) Too hard to deliver cold!)
5. So Good Soy Icecream!
6. Raisins (We stock the Organix mini packs that are in lil kid's hands size boxes, great for lil fingers and to save you from picking up the ones that got away in the car!)
7. Bellamy's Fruit Snacks Apple
8. Happy Puffs - My son loves the sweet potato ones
9. Organic bubs Organic Apple and Berry Birchler Muesli
10. Sorbet icecreams (who doesn't like these?!)
And for cupcake recipes that are dairy and egg free, my dear friend sent and made delicious cupcakes from here for my son. Just so he could share in some birthday cake too. Xo Click on this link to get the recipe.

Image from Sweet Rosie Blog

These cupcakes are positively delicious!!

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