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Welcome to Little Organics - Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome to our Little Organics Blog!

It's a new beginning for us and if you are reading this, chances are, there is a bigger new beginning happening in your life, the birth of your child!

As parents, we are proud to be launching a site that can benefit other parents like us. Our children are so precious and we always try to provide them the best where we possibly can. We love the products we stock and most of the range we sourced were based on the food in our son's cupboard!

Our little munchkin loves eating and it's about the only thing that keeps him from crying when we strap him up in his car seat or pram! Solids are an exciting journey and it's all about experimenting. They might enjoy something one day and absolutely dislike it another! And boy, can they get fussy. It's all about trying and trying, and trying some more. We hope you'll love our store, hopefully it will give you a chance to easily try out lots and lots of different brands and flavours to see which one your little one will become a fan of?

What will be your bub's favourite?

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